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Waking Up Naturally

Excellent, historical, and natural foods, but not only that.

Encircling the necropolis for which this zone is rich, one notices that the more widespread theme in the Tarquinis pictures that date from the 6th to the 5th centuries B.C. is the banquet. The civilization of the inhabitants of this land is traditionally founded on the sense of hospitality, in the sacredness of the meal, in "staying together".

Il terrazzoOgni stanza è calda  e confortevole

The reception in the Locanda delle Cicale is also comfortable and familiar for lodging.
A farmhouse carefully restored circled by a large olive grove; in a dining area which leads to the four rooms across from a large outer staircase.

Bandita, Cavone, Diosilla e Monterano: each room has a comfortable wooden double bed, wooden desks and wardrobes, a bathroom, a shower, and an air-conditioner.
The guests, if they so desire, can avail themselves to room service and relax or take a sunbath on the terrace-solarium that the rooms look out upon.

Uno degli accoglienti lettiOgni bagno è completo di tutto il necessario

Breakfast consists of coffee, fresh milk, jam tarts, cakes, and sweets prepared in house with seasonal fruit and greens. When weather permits, one can dine
in the garden,underneath the pergola, immersed in country fragrances
and in the echoes of cicadas singing.

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