Tourism, taking care of one's body, a natural reserve rich in plants and animals.
And everything is two steps from the Eternal City. Rome, in fact, is barely 50 km away from a stay at the Locanda delle Cicale. It is an intelligent and relaxing way to enjoy oneself in the endless beauty of Rome and at the same time fortifying and immersing oneself in untouched nature. Here at Canale Monterano there is only first-rate bewilderment. One can admire passages characterized by deep valleys cutting through tufo terrain, visiting mineral remains, necropolis and the old city abandoned at the end of the eighteenth century. Or they can enjoy long walks on the riverbanks, in luxuriant oak, poplar and alder forests, inhabited by foxes.

L'Acquedotto medievaleIl parco

Other possibilities for pleasant relaxation are offered in the thermal springs (Terme)
of Stigliano: a pool, mud baths, natural caves, massages, with programs adapted to each every need. For those who like to walk, bicycle or horseback ride, immersed in nature, there is the Natural Regional Reserve of Monterano (la Riserva Naturale Regionale Monterano), rich in ferns (among them the rare Osmunda Regalis.)

In this territory, spontaneous orchids grow, of the "Ophris and Anacamptis pyramidalis" variety. With a little attention one can also possibly spot the "Himantoglossum adriaticum" orchid, in the unusual variety.
Numerous are birds of prey such as buzzards, red kites, sparrow hawks, and kestrels.

L'orchideaLa martora

A territory of grand historical and natural fascination to which one feels magically attracted.

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