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Cicadas much Formiche

La Locanda delle Cicale (the "Inn of the Cicadas") is above all the realization of a dream, that of Cinzia and Mariella, cooks and lifelong friends.
These two active and generous women, after having passed years and years exchanging recipes, trying and rediscovering dishes in the Canalese tradition, decided to open an inn where you will find and find again dishes and foods in the popular tradition of Tuscia, based on a small amount of ingredients, embellished by a millennial countryside fantasy handed down through the generations.

A poor kitchen but rich in noble and genuine ingredients, with dishes and foods which "come alive" in the heart of this earned, intelligent and wise land. A tradition still suitably entrusted to feminine hands and knowledge.

A culinary art that bases its strength in simple ingredients and that is deeply rooted in its own planting in this rich and generous land.

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