The kitchen of Tuscia represents a union of old cooking customs comprised from Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio. A poor kitchen, made up of dishes created over the course of the seasons and from healthy and genuine foods.

La cuoca all'operaGnocchi fatti a mano

The menu at Locanda delle Cicale rejoices with broth, onion or honeycomp soup, broccoli, acquacotte, vegetable soup, polenta, peppered snail and Roman mentuccia (pennyroyal and wild mint), freshwater fish, organic maremmana beef, piglet, tripe with spiced vegetables, fried wild chicory, watercress, mixed baby green salad, greens and orchard fruit, wild fennel, chives, fruit, seeds. The puffpaste still comes pulled by hand by the two cooks; noteworthy is the pappardelle in wild board gravy and the porked rabbit.

Il ristoranteIl ristorante

Foods of a menu wanting to pay homage to the four natural elements, accompanied
by extra virgin olive oil typical to Tuscia, and splendid bread which rises naturally
with mother yeast.

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